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Can I do the program if I’m on medication?

Let’s first talk, it depends on what meds you’re taking.

You must provide the product fact sheets and program to your GP for approval before commencing, I’ll send you those details.

Is the program suitable for vegetarians?

Yes, this program is for everyone vegetarian, non vegetarian, vegan & Jain.

How long is the program for?

Step 1 is for 3 days, Step 2 for 27 days & Step 3 for 2-3 weeks

You can expect to lose 8-10 kg in Step 1 & 2 that’s for 30 days, Step 3 is designed to re-introduce all the food groups back into your diet and help you transition your new healthy habits into daily life.

If you want to do another round, we recommend a minimum break of 10-14 days on Step 3 before going back to Step 1.

The amount of time on Step 3 if you have achieved your weight loss is dependent on how long you were in Step 2:

⎯ 27 days step 2 then 27 days of maintenance

⎯ 37 days Step 2 then 37 days of maintenance

Can I swap things & create my own recipe ?

Absolutely, For best results, we highly recommend to stick to the approved food list, please do share your new recipe you tried on our recipe page so others can try your recipe.

For the first 3 days (Step 1) you can eat anything from this list & it’s unlimited.

For Step 2, please refer to the meal plans provided or try our different recipes from recipe page. If you are looking for recipe inspiration, check out Healthy Recipes on Facebook.

You can choose any protein from the group outlined for that meal on the meal plan. Protein sources have been mentioned next to each protein list.

All protein sources (including red meat and pork) can be distributed and consumed at any meal throughout the day, however any protein source must only be swapped with a different type from the list (i.e. 100g beef can be swapped with 100g of another protein from the list).

You can swap a vegetable from your meal plan with any vegetable from the list. For example, 200g Spinach can be swapped with 100g of Zucchini.

Why can’t we use fermented foods when they are supposed to be good for your gut ?

Fermented foods are high in sugar and may cause bloating, diarrhea or have a laxative effect. They are ok to use after Step 2 only.

Will I get loose skin from doing the program?

Generally the answer is No, I have mentored & changer nearly 3000+ lives. If you are concerned about skin, talk to me or try our amazing Body Firming Foam to have tight & toned body.

Is it healthy to lose 8-10kg in a month?

It depends how you’re losing weight, yes for our program as we’re losing by eating homemade foods not by drinking protein shake, we are not following any shortcuts but losing naturally.

Why we needs supplements while on program?

We’re giving an extra job to our body that’s to lose those extra kilos, when you give your body an extra job you should support it with nutrition like we support while we’re pregnant or breastfeeding.

These supplements needs to taken while you’re on program, no lifestyle contracts.

Is the program suitable for shift workers or someone who does night shifts ?

Yes, absolutely. This program is designed in such a way that anyone can follow it while following their daily routine, you won’t feel weak while on program but feel active while you’re on weight loss journey.